FAQ: Photographing war memorials


What is the required photograph format and composition?

You must send in at least one photograph of the memorial that shows as much possible. Ideally the entire memorial will be captured in this single image.

It can be submitted as either a digital image file (TIFF or JPEG) or a professionally printed photograph.

What is the minimum quality for digital images?

Digital images must be at least 2 Megapixels in size, or approximately 1600 × 1200 pixels. Furthermore, camera image quality should be set to at least "Fine" or "High" to ensure that the photos taken are of high quality. Lower quality digital images will also be accepted if the image is of sufficient quality and has not been manipulated.

What is the minimum quality for printed photographs?

Printed photographs should be printed on quality photographic paper with dimensions of at least 4 × 6 inches (the "normal" size for photographs from a typical 1-hour photo lab). The minimum resolution must be 150 dpi or higher-if the resolution is too low, the printed photograph will look pixellated or blurry when viewed on the website.

What is preferable: digital images or printed photographs?

For our purposes, digital images are more convenient and faster to process, and this is our preferred format.

What other additional photographs will be accepted?

If the war memorial has multiple plaques or sides, additional photographs are very useful. A photograph should be taken of each plaque, showing as much close-up detail as possible. If there are soldiers' names listed on the war memorials, a photo of each name plaque is highly desirable. The photos should of sufficiently high resolution so that each name is clearly readable.

Should I re-touch or enhance the photographs before sending them in?

Please only send in copies of the original digital images that have not been manipulated.

Can you provide any tips on how to photograph war memorials?

Yes, go to this page for a guide on photographing memorials.

Email: warmemorials@sl.nsw.gov.au
Telephone: (02) 9273 1554