Identifying a war memorial


On this page: How to determine whether a construction can be considered a war memorial.

Before you proceed, check...

Is the memorial already registered?

Search here. The Register has more than 2,900 memorials in its database and yours could be one of them. Click here for instructions on how to edit an existing memorial.

If you cannot find a record for that particular memorial, use information on this page to determine if it is an actual war memorial.


Identifying a war memorial

A 'war memorial' is a commemorative construction dedicated to people who have served and died in war, or because of war.

In Australia and around the world, war memorials range from simple memorial plaques to grand monuments. Memorials can also be:

  • honour rolls
  • museums and monuments
  • gates, columns, walls, and arches
  • crosses such as the Cross of Sacrifice
  • obelisks, cenotaphs and cairns
  • statues such as our 'digger memorials'
  • stones including Stones of Remembrance cenotaphs

Usually a war memorial is:

  • considered to be a war memorial by the community 
  • acknowledged by its local RSL sub-branch to be a war memorial 
  • named or marked to indicate that it is a war memorial 
  • related to Anzac Day, for example, if it is a hall, Anzac Day services may be held there

There are places dedicated as war memorials that also serve a further practical purpose such as gardens, pavilions, pools, halls, hospitals and lighthouses.

For more details on what can be considered a war memorial, see the Department of Veterans' Affairs page on war memorials.

If you:

  1. cannot find a record on the Register for that particular memorial
  2. have established that it is a war memorial,

then you may wish to submit the memorial to the Register of War Memorials in NSW. To do so, you will need to prepare content by documenting the memorial accordingly.

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Checklist: Uploading to the Register

Make sure you have the following ready before you upload: (*mandatory)

  1. *Memorial name
  2. *High-quality photographs
  3. *Memorial description, e.g.:
    • what it looks like
    • what it's made of
    • the history behind it, etc.
  4. Memorial inscription
  5. Memorial address
  6. *Contact name, email and phone
  7. Related articles from Trove
  8. List of inscribed veterans, using this spreadsheet template