Memorials and the community


The purpose of war memorials is to commemorate and remind those living in the present of those lost to war. There are more than 3000 war memorials in NSW. Together they represent a hugely significant heritage resource of national importance and a public collection of memorial art that binds together millions of Australians through ties of remembrance. 

War memorials hold unique significance to the community it is part of. They are often at the centre of community-held commemorative ceremonies during memorial days. But they also reflect the aesthetic, culture and tradition of the time it was constructed – a unique composite of the local history. In this way, war memorials are inextricably linked to the community it is part of.

In this section, you can find some information on how communities can take care of war memorials and on common traditions around memorials.


Caring for war memorials

An information pack compiled by NSW Public Works, as well as a collection of related useful links.

Disclaimer: While best endeavours have been made to provide accurate advice, NSW Public Works and the Trustees of the ANZAC Memorial take no responsibility for any loss or damage based on the information provided.


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