Guide: Recording veterans on a memorial


On this page: How to record veteran names inscribed on a memorial using the veterans list template, more information about the template fields and some examples.

If the memorial you are registering has veteran names inscribed, the Register asks that you record them if you can. Using the veterans list template (Download [XLS]) please record as much information as possible.

This page has more information about and examples of these fields. You can also visit the Australian War Memorial website for comprehensive information on military terminology and structure. You can browse their glossary or encyclopedia.

Fields in the spreadsheet include the following: (*mandatory)


This field will be the title of the veteran's page. Please enter the full name with rank (if available). Do not include personal titles such as "Mr." The correction of the inscribed name can be entered here.

First name and last name

Enter the name as the name appears on the memorial. Do not make any corrections in this field. You can make any correction to the name in the Title and Notes field. This is to ensure website users can search for the record by either the name they have seen on the memorial, or the name they know to be correct.


Some examples are:

  • Able Seaman
  • Bombardier
  • Brigadier
  • Cadet
  • Captain
  • Corporal
  • Gunner
  • Lieutenant
  • Major
  • Private
  • Sergeant
  • Squadron Leader

You may want to search the Roll of Honour database to search for a veteran's rank. To learn more about rank, go to the Australian War Memorial's page on Understanding military structure: Rank.


Some examples of service:

  • RAN - The Royal Australian Navy
  • WRANS - Women's Royal Australian Naval Service
  • Army - Australian Army
  • AWAS - Australian Women's Army Service
  • WRAAC - Royal Australian Women's Army Corps
  • RAAF - The Royal Australian Air Force
  • WAAF - Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force
  • WRAAF - Women's Royal Australian Air Force

To learn more about military services, go to the Australian War Memorial's page on Understanding military structure.

Service number

Some war memorials, especially those with veteran's graves, include service numbers.

A service number can also be included if the number is supported with research. A service number for a First World War veteran listed on a memorial can usually be identified by accessing the Biographical Databases at the Australian War Memorial


Some examples of units:

  • 2/13th Australian General Hospital
  • 2/9th Battalion
  • 2/10th Battalion
  • 1st Light Horse


The status of the veteran, if known. The date of the event can be included, in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

  • Acc Kd - Accidentally Killed
  • DOC - Died of Other Causes
  • DOD - Died of Disease
  • DOS - Died on Service
  • DOW - Died of Wounds
  • DPOW - Died Prisoner of War
  • In Memoriam - In Memory of the Departed
  • KIA - Killed in Action
  • MIA - Missing in Action
  • POW - Prisoner of War


List the war that the veteran was involved in. Some examples include:

  • World War 1
  • World War 2
  • Vietnam War


Campaign refers to a major military undertaking with a definite objective, often comprising a number of battles or engagements. Some NSW war memorials list individual campaigns. Campaigns are often referred to by place names, e.g. Fromelles.


The Decoration field is for decorations and awards received by the listed veteran. Some examples are:

  • AFC - Air Force Cross
  • AFM - Air Force Medal
  • BEM - British Empire Medal
  • CBE - Commander Order of British Empire
  • CB - Companion Order of Bath
  • CGM - Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
  • DCM - Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross, Bar
  • DFM - Distinguished Flying Medal, Bar
  • DSC - Distinguished Service Cross, Bar
  • DSM - Distinguished Service Medal, Bar
  • DSO - Distinguished Service Order
  • RRC - Distinguished Service Order, Bar Royal Red Cross
  • LOH - French Legion D'Honneur
  • GC - George Cross
  • GM - George Medal, Bar
  • KBE - Knight Commander Order of British Empire
  • GBE - Knight Grand Cross Order of British Empire
  • MBE - Member Order of British Empire
  • MD - Mentioned in Dispatches
  • MC - Military Cross, Bar
  • MM - Military Medal, Bar
  • OBE - Officer Order of British Empire
  • VC - Victoria Cross
  • QSA - Queen's South Africa Medal 1899-1902
  • KSA - King's South Africa Medal 1901-1902

Visit the Armed Services Assistance Centre (Australia) Inc. website for a discussion of Australian military awards. Medals issued pre-World War 1, post-World War 1, pre-World War 2 and post-World War 2 are listed under Medals in the navigation menu.


The notes section is for any further information relating to the veteran that does not come under the other supplied headings, or to elaborate on any information.

For example, if the veteran’s name has been spelled incorrectly on the memorial, or if there are any interesting facts or anecdotes regarding the veteran, add it in this field.

Relevant links can include a link to web pages or online documents relevant to the veteran. In the spreadsheet, please include a title for the link under relevant_links_title. Multiple links can be included, and can be separated by using a comma (",")

Also use a comma to separate the corresponding title of the links in the relevant links title field. Ensure the title and links are in the same order in each field.

Enlistment documents

A link to an online version of the veteran’s enlistment documents can be added here.

You can search for digitised enlistment documents at the National Archives of Australia. Click on the Record Search tab and search.

In the spreadsheet, please include a title for the enlistment documents under enlistment_documents_title.

Service records

As above, multiple links can be included, separated by commas (",").

Newspaper articles

Any relevant links to digitised newspaper articles can be added here.

You can search for digitised newspaper articles at Trove.

In the spreadsheet, please include a title for the newspaper articles under newspaper_articles_title. Multiple links can be included for link fields, separated by commas (",").


Questions, feedback, or technical issues

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