Submitting documentation to the Register


You can submit your documentation online, via email, post or a combination.

Online registration is the preferred method as it results in the fastest turn-around time for publication of the memorial.

Registrations sent to us via email or post require a longer processing time.


In order to be submit documentation online, you will need to sign up for an online account with the Register.

Account registration is a simple process which can be done by visiting the website.

Creating a new account

  1. Go to the ‘Log on’ page and follow the prompts to create a new account
  2. Request to become an Authorised Publisher.  
  3. When you have received email confirmation that you have been approved to be an authorised publisher, you will be able to register memorials.

View detailed instructions including screen shots

Registering a memorial online

When you have received email confirmation that an account has been created for you, you can register memorials online.

Go to the Log in page, and log in using the details specified when registering for an account.

View our "How to submit documentation online" instructions here -
This page also includes a detailed instruction document including screen shots.

By email

Email the following as attachments to

  • A completed War Memorials Submission Template (.xl or .xls format)
  • A completed Veteran List Template (.xl or .xls format) if there are veterans listed on the memorial
  • 1 x  high – quality digital photograph ( .tiff or .jpg/.jpeg format)

Please note we cannot receive emails with attachments that are larger than 5MB.  If your email and attachments are larger than this, you will have to attach images to separate emails, (using the war memorial name as the subject line), or post the photographs on CD-ROM or DVD.

By post

You can send electronic copies of the spreadsheets and digital photographs on a CD-ROM or other storage media, or you can post the electronic spreadsheets with professionally printed photographs.

Please include a return address if you wish for the electronic device to be sent back to you.

We do prefer electronic copies of spreadsheets. If however you are unable to attach it to an email message or save it to CD-ROM, we will accept printed versions. Please be advised that if we receive only a printed version of the spreadsheets they will take longer to process.

Please include the name of the war memorial on the back of the envelope.

Contact information

For further information about submitting war memorials or corrections to the existing information, please contact us.



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