Submitting to the Register


On this page: Step-by-step instructions on how to upload documents, images, and other content to submit or edit a memorial on the Register of War Memorials in NSW.

If you prefer to submit by email, see Preparing your submission - Submitting by email.



Before you upload, check...

Is the memorial already registered?

Search here. The Register has more than 2,900 memorials in its database and yours could be one of them. Click here to skip to Edit a memorial.

Is it a memorial?

What is considered a war memorial? Click here for our handy guide, or for more information, go to the War Memorials page on the Department of Veterans' Affairs website.



Create an account and log in


To add or edit memorials on the Register, you need to have an account. Click Log in/Register at the top right corner of any page on this website. The following screen will show.

Image: Log in/register page. Click on image to see in full size.

Log in/register form


Create a new account

Click on the Create new account tab. Fill in the details and Captcha, then click the Create new account button.

You will be sent an email, asking you to validate your email address and create a new password. Once you have input your new password, scroll down and click Save.

Log in with an existing account

To log in, click on the Log in tab. Fill in your username, password and Captcha, then click Log in button on the bottom (not the tab). A green prompt should appear with the message "Log in successful for [your username]."



Add a memorial


1. When you are logged in, you should see another menu appear on the top right. Click Add memorial.


2. Fill in the fields with as much information as you have, and attach at least one image. If you are not sure what goes in each field, you can check the table below.

Important fields

Field Description
Title The memorial title.
Description Description of the memorial, such as what it looks like, what material it is made of, its setting, its history, etc.
Inscription The text inscribed/engraved on the memorial.
Established date The date of the memorial's construction, in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
Dedication date The date of the memorial's dedication, in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
War The war/s the memorial represents. Use one row for each war represented. To add more rows, click Add another item.
Custodian The entity responsible for the maintenance of the memorial.
Recorded by Your name, and the name of anyone else who helped you gather content.
Contact Contact person for the memorial page.
Phone Telephone number for the contact person.
Email Email address for the contact person.
Entered by The name of the person who created the memorial page.
Recorded (date) The date the memorial was recorded by you or the page creator, in the format dd/mm/yyyy.
Updated date Leave empty if you are only just creating the memorial.
Images Attach images here. Upload one image at a time.
Documents If you have a veteran spreadsheet to upload, upload it here and the Register administrator will add the veteran pages for you shortly after you have notified them of your completed submission.

3. After you have filled in all the fields you'd like to fill, click Save.

Remember to contact the Register to notify the Administrator of your submission, or your submission may experience a delay in publication.

If your submitted memorial is accepted, you will receive an email confirming the publication of your submission, and they will be viewable on the Register.

Known bugs:

Image field freezes/takes too long to load: Scroll down and click Save, and your contents should be saved regardless.



Edit an existing memorial


If the memorial page you want to edit is one that you have worked on, you should have received the link to it in your inbox.

Always ensure you are working on the latest revision of the page.

1. To go to the latest revision, go to your memorial page and click on the Revision operations tab. Click on the revision with the latest date and time. If there have been no previous edits to the page, there will only be one revision.


2. Click Edit Latest. If there have been no previous edits to the page, or if the latest revision has been published, only the option Edit Current will appear.

3. Fill in as much updated information as possible. Under the field Updated date, enter your name and then the date, in the following format: Joe Bloggs dd/mm/yyyy.

4. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

If your submitted updates are accepted, you will receive an email confirming the publication of your updates, and they will be viewable on the Register.



Questions, feedback, or technical issues

Contact the Register at, or call us at 02 9273 1554.

Click here for the old submission instructions page.


Search by memorial name, suburb, postcode, veteran name


Checklist: Uploading to the Register

Make sure you have the following ready before you upload: (*mandatory)

  1. *Memorial name
  2. *High-quality photographs
  3. *Memorial description, e.g.:
    • what it looks like
    • what it's made of
    • the history behind it, etc.
  4. Memorial inscription
  5. Memorial address
  6. *Contact name, email and phone
  7. Related articles from Trove
  8. List of inscribed veterans, using this spreadsheet template