Uniting War Memorial Hospital, Waverley

Uniting War Memorial Hospital, building frontUniting War Memorial Hospital, building entranceUniting War Memorial Hospital, toward the park across from the buildingUniting War Memorial Hospital, hallway with portraits and memorabiliaUniting War Memorial Hospital, portrait of Sister Winnie May DavisUniting War Memorial Hospital, portrait of Sister Florence Aubin SalmonUniting War Memorial Hospital, portrait of Captain Kay ParkerUniting War Memorial Hospital, portrait painting of Matron Elizabeth HunterUniting War Memorial Hospital, plaque in memory of Colonel William Elphinstone KayUniting War Memorial Hospital, honour board of First World War veterans and benefactorsUniting War Memorial Hospital, stained glass windows

The Uniting War Memorial Hospital is a large collection of buildings, situated between Birrel St and Bronte Rd. The hospital is operated by the Uniting Church. It was formerly known as the Waverley War Memorial Hospital.

The main historical feature is the main building, the 'Edina' building built by Ebenezer Vickery around the 1860s. Vickery was a merchant, manufacturer and philanthropist, born in 1827 and died in 1906. He was a wealthy businessman who was originally born in London and moved to Australia, Sydney, for greater prospect. After Vickery's death, the family had donated the home in 1919 and was reopened, with significant changes to satisfy the requirements of a hospital, in 1921.

Within the 'Edina' building, there are numerous portraits of soldiers and nurses who in commemoration of their efforts are remembered for the First and Second World War. There are also two honour boards commemorating those who served during the First World War, one dedicating the Operating Theatre Wing to these veterans and the other also commemorating benefactors to the war effort within the area of the hospital.

The Edina building is surrounded by numerous hospital buildings, a garden/park facing directly opposite the building, as well as areas of conglomeration between the elderly and workers.

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Uniting War Memorial Hospital
125 Birrell Street
Waverley NSW 2024
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  • Waverley, Municipality of
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  • Public building
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11 November 1922
  • First World War, 1914–18

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