Albury High School Memorial Oval

Albury High School Memorial OvalAlbury High School Memorial Oval

The Albury High School Memorial Oval consists of a sporting oval built to honour students of the school who served in the First World War and Second World War. The entrance to the oval is framed by a pair of iron gates, framed by stone walls. A brass plaque inscribed with the dedication in raised lettering is mounted on the right gate wall.

On 8 December 1950, the Albury High School Parents and Citizens' Association, High School Women's Auxiliary and Ex-Students' Association launched an appeal for funds for the project (Border Morning Mail (Albury), 9 December 1950). Donations were sought from parents, ex-students and citizens of Albury to enable the building of the oval in the north-western section of the school grounds, together with fencing to enclose the field, the planting of trees dedicated to honour the ex-students who fell in the wars, a turf wicket, dressing shed and scoreboard.

Work commenced on the new oval in late January 1951 (Border Morning mail (Albury) 30 January 1951). The oval was opened in 1956 and continues to provide a sporting facility for the school and local community.



Albury High School
Memorial Oval
In honour of all who served
In memory of all who fell

1914-18  1939-45

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Albury High School
625 Kiewa Street
Albury NSW 2640
Local Government Area
  • Albury, City of
  • Roadside
Location status
Original location
Memorial type
  • Gate/lychgate
  • Sports ground
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Albury High School
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  • First World War, 1914–18
  • Second World War, 1939–45