The Soldier's Window, Bellingen


This is a stained glass window measuring approximately 1600mm high by 1200mm wide. The window features the image of a soldier which has been intricately hand painted and kiln fired onto the glass. The soldier, dressed in First World War uniform and wearing webbing and pack, is standing in profile holding a Lee Enfield rifle with bayonet fixed. The word 'Bellingen' is inscribed above the soldier, and the word 'Memorial' is below.

The window is a main feature of the Bellingen Memorial Hall which was established in 1929 by First World War returned soldiers, originally as a picture theatre. The hall now functions as a multi-purpose facility for the Bellingen community.


Bellingen Memorial

Linked Memorials
Bellingen Memorial Hall
35 Hyde Street
Bellingen NSW 2454
Local Government Area
  • Bellingen Shire
  • Building – inside
Memorial type
  • Stained glass window
Recorded by
Susan Lumsdaine
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Dedication date: 
25 April 1929
Dedication date
25 April 1929
  • First World War, 1914–18

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