Caring for our war memorials


There are more than 3000 war memorials in NSW. Every one of the state's war memorials is unique; together they represent a hugely significant heritage resource of national importance and a public collection of memorial art that binds together millions of Australians through ties of remembrance. 

The purpose of war memorials is commemoration. This information pack has been prepared by NSW Public Works to provide guidance to tradespeople and those looking after war memorials in understanding how to act appropriately to safeguard their significance and maintain their fabric and setting.

The information is intended to show how local communities can honour their servicemen with due ceremony while protecting the commemorative objects themselves from risk and damage so that their values can be passed on to future generations of Australians.

Most war memorials will not require repair or restoration. Some may require minor works of ongoing maintenance. A few may justify major works on the basis of sound evaluation of risks. Responsible management means knowing what action is required, if any, and when. With the right knowledge and awareness we can all participate in safeguarding this unique artistic achievement so that the special values, associations and meanings attached to the state's war memorials will endure.

Read the guide: Caring for War Memorials

From Caring for War Memorials  Office of Veterans' Affairs, NSW

Disclaimer: Best endeavours have been made to provide accurate advice, NSW Public Works and the Trustees of the ANZAC Memorial take no responsibility for any loss or damage based on the information provided.

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