About the Register

The NSW War Memorials Register is a database of war memorials in New South Wales. It currently holds more than 3000 war memorial records, and more than 200,000 veteran records. The Register enables communities to record accurate information about war memorials, provides best practice information about war memorial conservation, and connects memorials and veterans to sustain NSW military and commemorative history.

The NSW Government is committed to documenting each memorial and veteran with care and respect. This can only be accomplished with contributions from local communities, local councils, RSL Sub Branches, our schools and our sponsors. Anyone can contribute to the Register and we encourage you to read more about how you can add or update records.

The NSW War Memorials Register shares its content with Places of Pride, the Australian War Memorial’s national register of war memorials. Unless otherwise stated, the Register’s content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution and is free for reuse.

The Register is hosted and maintained by the NSW Office for Veterans Affairs and the State Library of New South Wales


The purpose of the NSW War Memorials Register is to:   

  • Create a comprehensive and sustainable database of war memorial records in NSW including the location, physical description and history, photographs, and the veterans they commemorate 
  • Monitor the physical condition of war memorials by enabling members of the community to report war memorial concerns
  • Encourage communities to care for their local memorials using best-practice principles
  • Help tell the story of NSW military service and commemoration by linking war memorials, veterans and their personal stories to other community and government records


The NSW War Memorials Register was launched by the Premier and the President of the Returned and Services League of New South Wales (RSL NSW) on 22 April 2002 as a joint initiative.


The Register’s content relies on community contribution. While processes are in place to moderate and publish well-researched and factual information to the best of our ability, the Register cannot ensure the accuracy and currency of its website content.