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About the Register

About the Register


The NSW War Memorials Register has undergone essential maintenance and system upgrades from July 2023 to March 2024. Submissions about war memorials are being accepted from 11 March 2024. Submissions about individual veterans are not being accepted at this time.. Read more here


The NSW War Memorials Register is a crowd-sourced database about war memorials in New South Wales. It currently holds more than 3,500 war memorial records, and more than 200,000 veteran records. The Register enables members of the public to contribute accurate information about war memorials, provides best practice information about war memorial conservation, and connects memorials and veterans to sustain NSW military and commemorative history.

The NSW Government is committed to documenting war memorials with care and respect. This can only be accomplished with contributions from local communities, local councils, RSL sub-Branches and veterans groups, historians and historical socieities. Anyone can contribute to the Register and we encourage you to read more about how you can add or update records.

The NSW War Memorials Register shares its content with Places of Pride, the Australian War Memorial’s national register of war memorials. Unless otherwise stated, the Register’s content is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0+ Attribution and is free for reuse.

The Register is hosted and maintained by the NSW Office for Veterans Affairs and the State Library of New South Wales

Please note:

  • The Register does not maintain a physical collection of objects, materials, or memorabilia. A list of organisations that may accept donations of military related items is available on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • The Register is not a research service. We do not conduct research into the military service of family members or individual veterans. A list of resources to assist you to conduct research is available on our Researching war memorials and veterans page.

Our vision

The purpose of the NSW War Memorials Register is to:   

  • Create a comprehensive and sustainable database of war memorial records in NSW including the location, physical description and history, photographs, and the veterans they commemorate.
  • Encourage communities to monitor the physical condition of their local memorials and to care for their local memorials using best-practice principles.
  • Help tell the story of NSW military service and commemoration by linking war memorials, veterans and their personal stories to other community and government records.


The NSW War Memorials Register was launched by the Premier and the President of the Returned and Services League of New South Wales (RSL NSW) on 22 April 2002, as a joint initiative.


The NSW War Memorials Register relies on community contribution to gather its content. The majority of the content published on the Register has been contributed by members of the public and other community organisations. While processes are in place to moderate and publish well-researched and factually accurate information to the best of our ability, the Register Team cannot always guarantee the accuracy and currency of content on this website. The Register aims to document memorials in their current state and we cannot comprehensively capture all changes to a memorial over time, or provide information about all historic versions of a memorial prior to a refurbishment or redesign. Furthermore, the Register does not include a comprehensive record of previous inscriptions, plaques, or lists of veterans previously inscribed on a memorial. 

If you have discovered content on this website which you believe is inaccurate, please notify us by emailing If you have identified a memorial listing that is out-of-date, please consider submitting relevant new information and photographs to the Register. Learn more on how you can contribute.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are advised that this site contains names and images of deceased people.

Editorial Policy

  1. All content submitted to the NSW War Memorials Register, including text, photographs, and documents, is subject to moderation before being published.
  2. The War Memorials Register team reserves the right to deny publication of submitted content if it is deemed unsuitable for the Register. In the event of this occurring, the contributor/s will be notified of this outcome and will have the opportunity to submit updated content if they choose.
  3. The War Memorials Register team reserves the right to edit, remove, or alter published material submitted by any user without notice. 
  4. The War Memorials Register team reserves the right to reuse content submitted to the Register, including text, photographs, and documents, for promotional activities that are intended to increase visibility of and engagement with the Register and memorials and veterans of NSW. This may be done without notice.
  5. The purpose of the NSW War Memorial Register's editorial and moderation process is to:
    1. Ensure that submitted content is fact-checked to the best of our ability.
    2. Ensure that submitted content is clear, concise, and easy to understand.
    3. Ensure submitted content meets standard formatting and web-publishing best practice.
    4. Ensure that published content aligns with the purpose of the NSW War Memorials Register.
    5. Ensure that any obvious inaccuracies or errors are corrected prior to publishing.

Policy last reviewed: 30 September 2021.

Reuse of website content

Unless otherwise stated, all content on the NSW War Memorial Register is licensed under the Creative Commons 4.0+ Attribution and is free for reuse, under these terms.

Any content that is contributed to the Register website may be republished on other websites or in publications. This can be done without any notice given to you or to the Register.

If you reuse content from the Register website, please acknowledge the NSW War Memorials Register as the source of the content. When reusing photographs, please also acknowledge the original photographer. If known, the photographer’s name will appear in the caption on the photo.

The NSW War Memorials Register does not enforce Creative Commons and cannot verify if users of content are adhering to the licensing terms.

Public domain

Once your content is published by the Register Team, it enters the public domain. This includes but is not limited to photographs, text, and documents. Content will not be removed from the Register, except in extraordinary circumstances.