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The NSW War Memorials Register relies on accurate contributions from local communities, organisations, and individuals.

Please use this form to submit new and updated photos of war memorials that are already listed on the Register. Refer to our photography guidelines for helpful advice on photographing war memorials.

If you want to contribute a new memorial, follow the instructions on our Contribute to the Register page.

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Photos of war memorial
Click the camera icon to select photograph/s from your device. You can select more than one photograph at the same time. Then, click the “Upload” button to attach your photograph/s to the form. Please upload clear, high-quality photographs of the memorial, including clear photos of any plaques and inscriptions. Note: the maximum image file size which can be uploaded is 8MB per photo. Allowable file types are png, gif, jpg, and jpeg. Please refer to our photograph guidelines, for further information.
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