Federal Park Wallsend War Memorial


Black granite wall structure surmounted by an Australian Military Forces badge. The rear side has four silhouette figures (Navy, Army, Airforce, and Women's services). Away and to the side of the memorial is a field gun.


(West face - top)

Our Heroes who fought & fell in the Great War 1914-1918.

In Memory of

[List of Names]


(North face - left side)

Conflicts Australian Men and Women have fought in 1889-1902 Boer War, 1900-01 China 1914-18 First World War, 1939-45 Second World War 1950-53 Korean War, 1950-60 Malayan Emergency 1963-66 Indonesian Confrontation, 1962-72 Vietnam War 1991 Gulf War, United Nations Peace Keeping Forces

(South face - right side - top) A tribute of Honor to Sons & Citizens of Glorious Memory, all for each and each for all twas thus they heard the Empires call for freedom home and motherland.


(South face - right side - bottom) Red Cross Contingent 7th February 1920 They were also ready and their names liveth for evermore. Matron B. Lowrey Matron A. Cuthbertson Sister I.E. Lovell Sister L. Abell - Royal Red Cross Nurse E. Scott


(Dedication plaque)

In memory of Those who gave their Lives Erected by Wallsend RSL & Community Club Ltd Consecrated by Rev. F.R. Robert Catt, Anglican Rector, Wallsend Officiated by John Price, M.P., Member for Wallsend 1st July 1996 President C.P. Nowlan Vice President N.S. Babbage Directors: D.J. Twomey, W.T. Kiehine, G.E. Richardson P.D. Moore, D.W. Aarons General Manager: C.R. Hodgson


(Dedication plaque - field gun)

Dedication of the Field Gun at Federal Park 13th March 2001 W. T. Kiehne President N.S. Babbage Vice President Directors: P. Nowlan OAM, B.J. Twomey, G.E. Richardson, P.D. Moore, I.D. Healey General Manager: Chris Hodgen Patrons: F, Jarvis, C.P. Nowlan OAM John Mills MP, Member for Wallsend, John Tate, Newcastle Lord Mayor, Fth Tobert Catt, Rector St Lukes Wallsend.


(Plaque - field gun)

We that are left have erected this building as a Memorial to commemorate those who have fought for a cause and gave their lives for it. Lest We Forget (Gun barrel) Barrel Number L/11077, CSR Co., Mark I

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
E Abbot World War 1 view
J S Abel World War 1 view
A Anderson World War 1 view
L Andrews World War 1 view
A Archibald World War 1 view
W Arkley World War 1 view
F E Armstrong World War 1 view
T Aspley World War 1 view
F S Atkinson World War 1 view
K L Atkinson World War 1 view
South east corner of Federal Park
Wallsend NSW 2287
Location/surrounding area
Memorial Location
Recorded by
Mr Robert McLardy
Established date
Dedication date
1996-07-01 00:00:00.0

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