Wisemans Ferry and District War Memorial

Wisemans Ferry and District War Memorial, front faceThe west face of the memorial. A statue of a soldier sits in the panel's face.Wisemans Ferry and District War Memorial, dedication plaque on west faceWisemans Ferry and District War Memorial, north panelWisemans Ferry and District War Memorial, east panelWisemans Ferry and District War Memorial, south panelWisemans Ferry and District War Memorial, side view

The construction comprises a plinth, a centre column and an obelisk, made of sandstone.

The plinth (base) received a "Convict picked and margined" makeover from local stonemason Paul McKinley to compliment the districts colonial convict heritage.

The centre column formed in the "Sentry Box" style was designed to accompany the 1m tall bronze sculpture of a World War 1 Aussie Digger. The sculpture, commissioned at a cost of $21,000, is the work of Hungarian-born Alex Kolozsy.

Black granite from the Grandee Granite Quarry in the Mulyandry district formed the Sentry Box archway with the inscription "Valour/Honour" engraved on either side of the entrance. The base of the Sentry Box houses the un-veiling plaque.

The obelisk, the final stage of construction, was to undergo three design changes during construction. To obtain a 2.4m, single-piece log of light grey stone without grain or flaw proved to be very difficult which resulted in a compromise, hence a change in height/concept to accomodate the join. The obelisk inscription "Sacred to their Memory" was the work of Central Coast stonemason Jon Bye. The sides of the obelisk houses four large bronze plaques of the three services plus the Merchant Navy.

Designed by Wayne Moore & Neil Marsh. The committee was formed in 05/10/2010 following approval from Hornsby Council to construct a fitting memorial in honour of the men and women who departed this district for service in times of war. The memorial was completed one week before Anzac Day 2015.


North panel:

Wisemans Ferry & District
World War 1 Nominal Roll
& Roll of Honour 

[list of 27 names]

Post W.W. 2 Nominal Roll

I.S.A.F. Afghan.

[list of 2 names]


South panel:

Wisemans Ferry & District
World War 2 Nominal Roll

[list of 55 names]


East panel:

This memorial was erected
by the community of Wisemans Ferry
in memory of the men & women
who departed this district
and in honour of those
who served and sacrificed
their lives during the
South Africa (Boer War) 1899 - 1902
The Great War of 1914 - 1918
World War II 1939 - 1945
Malaya/Borneo 1948 - 1960
Korea 1950 - 1953
Vietnam 1962 - 1972
U.N. Peacekeepers


They shall grow not old
As we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember them
Lest we forget


West face:

[inscribed to the left and right of statue]



Unveiling plaque underneath:

This memorial was unveiled on 25th April 2015
by Mrs. Dyras Thompson
to commemorate the "Centenary of Anzac"

Public Reserve
Wisemans Ferry NSW 2775
Location/surrounding area
Community Reserve, adjacent to the Bowling Club (Main St)
Recorded by
Wayne Moore
Established date
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Dedication date
01 January 1970

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