The Channon First and Second World War Memorial Gates


Square cement arch faced with marble name plaques. The top of the arch bears an Australian Rising Sun Badge and the words 'The Great War'. The name plaques list personnel from both the First and Second World Wars. The gates were originally dedicated on 17 July 1927 for the First World War, and later rededicated for the addition of the names from the Second World War around May 1950.


Left pillar



Right pillar

Wounded 10
Enlisted 42
A glorious death is his who for his country falls.


Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflicts Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
A Druce World War 1 KIA view
H Ellis World War 2 KIA view
G James World War 1 KIA view
R T James World War 2 KIA view
R Kentwall World War 2 KIA view
S King World War 1 KIA view
C E Middleton World War 2 KIA view
T Perkins World War 1 KIA view
A Ross World War 1 KIA view
E G Standing World War 2 KIA view
The Channon Hall
7 Mill Street
The Channon NSW 2480
Local Government Area
  • Lismore, City of
  • Roadside
Memorial type
  • Gate/lychgate
Recorded by
The Channon Public School
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Dedication date
17 July 1927
  • First World War, 1914–18
  • Second World War, 1939–45

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