Dunoon Presbyterian Great War Honor Rolls

Dunoon Presbyterian Great War Honor Roll, marbleDunoon Presbyterian Great War Honor Roll, timber

There are two honor rolls for the First World War inside St Matthew's Anglican Church at Dunoon. The earlier version is made of white marble. It has a decorative scroll pattern and floral carvings at the top, and the names are listed below the inscriptions across two columns. The inscriptions and names are incised into the marble and blackened. The second version is made of timber, featuring two panels joined vertically down the middle. Each panel has a simple decorative finial on the top. The names are painted on the panels in black, below the inscriptions painted in gold. Both rolls list the same names in the same order, which is not alphabetical.

The marble roll was unveiled on Wednesday 17 January 1917 by Mrs Munro and Mrs McKinnon, who each had sons listed on the roll. James Ross, secretary of the Dunoon Presbyterian Church, had published an invitation in the Northern Star on 13 January to parents and friends of those serving to attend the ceremony. The same newspaper reported on the event in their issue of 20 January. It explained the memorial was established by Catherine E. Currie in memory of her mother and the men who were at the front. The Rev. J. Yates presided over the unveiling. In his address he spoke on the importance of mothers to the war effort, saying:

They thanked God that there were such women as these in their midst—mothers who were willing to stay behind and toil and work while their sons were at the front fighting for their country, so that truth and righteousness might prevail.

The timber roll was made at a later date. Both were moved to St Matthew's for safekeeping following the closure of Dunoon Presbyterian in the village.

Access to the memorials is restricted by the opening hours of the church. 

  • Marble
  • Timber

Marble roll

To the Memory of
who departed this life
on the 11th March 1916
erected by her loving daughter
Catherine E Currie

To the Glory of God
and in
loving memory of
members of this church
who took part in the
great war

Timber roll, both wings

1914 1918

Veterans listed on this memorial

St Matthew's Anglican Church
37 James Street
Dunoon NSW 2480
Local Government Area
  • Lismore, City of
  • Building – inside
Location status
Memorial type
  • Board/roll/plaque/tablet
Recorded by
Graham Wilson
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Dedication date
17 January 1917
  • First World War, 1914–18

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