Church of England South Maitland District Parish Roll of Honour


Polished wooden Honour Board with the Union Jack and the Australian Flag crossed at the apex of the board.

The names of the villages have changed.
Old name (Homeville) - current name (Telarah)
Old name (East Greta) - current name (Gillieston Heights)
Old name (Bishop's Bridge) - current name (Bishops Bridge)
Details from Geographical Names Board of New South Wales.Notes on Veteran Names: C and S Edmonds are given on the memorial as C and S Edmunds. P Hill may be Percy Hill (15724) who died of wounds while serving in the New Zealand Army. The Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour lists R Harpley as John Thomas Harpley - R Harpley is listed as having returned to Australia. Status codes for all veterans except P Hill have been taken from the Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour.


1914 - 1918
Church of England
South Maitland and Dist. Parish
Roll of Honour
East Greta


Bishop's Bridge

* Dead

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
F Adrams World War 1 view
R Alan World War 1 view
J E Bailey World War 1 view
W E Barr World War 1 view
T C Barr World War 1 view
F Beatty World War 1 view
W Beatty World War 1 DOW view
J Beech World War 1 view
S Bergin World War 1 view
A E Boots World War 1 view
Maitland RSL Sub-Branch Rooms, 3 Bulwer St.
Maitland NSW 2320
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Mr Robert McLardy
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