Connolly Park War Memorial Gates and plaque to Brig. Sir F. (Black Jack) Galleghan


Two sandstone pillars with polished stone name plates listing World War 1 veterans.

An accompanying plaque to dedicated to Brigadier Sir Frederick Galleghan, who saw service in both world wars.The memorial is located in the south east corner of Connolly Park.


Above each gate post:
'Honour Roll'

The separate Australia Remembers 1945-1995plaque reads:

F. Gallagher on this panel served in World War 1 as a Sergeant in the 34th Battalion. Frederick Galleghan is best remembered as 'Black Jack' commanding officer of the 2/30th Battalion and commander of Australian prisoners of war at Changi Prison during World War II
Brigadier Sir Frederick Galleghan. DSO. OBE. ISO. ED
Died 20th April 1971
Sponsored by Friends of the City of Newcastle Regiment

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
M Aberton World War 1 view
J Adams World War 1 KIA view
R Andrews World War 1 view
A Avard World War 1 KIA view
W Bailey World War 1 view
J Balks World War 1 view
W Barrington World War 1 DOW view
F Bartlett World War 1 view
J Bell World War 1 KIA view
E Bertholli World War 1 view
Corner of Cowper and Fitzroy Streets.
Carrington NSW 2294
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Mr Robert McLardy
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