Annandale Great War Roll of Honour


Three large polished wooden boards attached to the wall at the top of the staircase in the former Annandale Council Chambers, now the Annandale Community Centre. Veterans' names are printed in gilt.

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Annandale's Great War: A Short Walk is Marghanita da Cruz's third book in a series, which explore today's Annandale, while delving into its past, a decade at a time. Over 1200 locals left Australia as members of the Australian Imperial Force or to join British regiments. Annandale's Great War provides a self guided tour of the First World War honour boards and memorials around Annandale and the ANZACs whose names appear on them.


Men of Annandale who served their country in the Great War 1914-1920

Veterans listed on this memorial

Last held rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Read more
K E Abrams World War 1 view
C S Abrams World War 1 view
S L Adams World War 1 view
R J Adams World War 1 view
G H Adams World War 1 view
D Adams World War 1 view
F P Adams World War 1 view
F Adams World War 1 view
W H Affleck World War 1 view
F P Ahern World War 1 view

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79 Johnston Street,
Annandale Community Centre,
Annandale NSW 2038
Local Government Area
  • Inner West Council
Memorial type
  • Board/roll/plaque/tablet
Recorded by
David Roden
Established Date format: 
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Dedication date
25 June 1917
  • First World War, 1914–18