Glebe Island Memorial - Maritime Services Board of NSW, Rozelle


The Memorial was erected jointly by the Maritime Services Board of NSW (MSB) and the Department of Railways and unveiled and dedicated on 26th November 1946 by the Premier of New South Wales Sir William McKell, G.C.M.G. At the dedication in 1946, the MSB Board had undertaken to maintain it in perpetuity, and to lay wreaths each year during the then Australian – America Week.

This memorial commemorates the first landing on 28th March 1942 of American Armed Forces at Port Jackson (Port of Sydney) during World War 2. Until the 1980’s a ceremony was conducted every year from 1946 during Coral Sea Week on the nearest week day to the 30th May, which is American Memorial Day, equivalent to Australia’s Anzac Day.

Over 1,000,000 American servicemen and 5,000,000 tons of US war material were transported through the Port, mainly the Glebe Island wharfage area, and  handled by the MSB and the NSW Government Railways during the Second World War.  

At the top of the hill on Sommerville Road, you find Monument Lookout. Looking back across the old Glebe Island wharfage area, Container Terminal and Car Storage Terminal areas you see across Johnston’s Bay and Millers Point towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The monument stands on a raised plinth with 3 steps and behind the monument there are two flag poles.

The Monument was dismantled and relocated to its present position due to redevelopment of the area.  



Plaque 1

Commemorating the first landing of U.S. Armed Forces at the Port of Sydney on 28th March 1942.

During the Second World War 1000000 personnel and 5000000 tons of material followed and were transported by the NSW Department of Railways.

Roy L. Schuyler, Colonel Infantry U.S. Army Commanding.

George H. Faulks ESQ. President Maritime Services Board New South Wales.

T. J. Hartigan ESQ. Commissioner Department of Railways New South Wales.

Plaque 2

Unveiled on 28th November 1946 by The Hon. W.J. McKell K. C. M.L.A. Premier of New South Wales.



World War 2
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Recorded by: 

Ronald L McIntosh

Established date: 

26th November 1946

Location/surrounding area: 

Glebe Island - Rozelle Bay

Address Data: 

Sommerville Road
Rozelle Bay
Rozelle NSW 2039

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