Lambton Park War Memorial Swimming Centre


Swimming pool complex located between Hobart Road and Karoola Road.


Lambton Park War Memorial Swimming Centre

Officially opened 26th January 1963 by the Right Worshipful The Lord Mayor of Newcastle Alderman F. J. Purdue. 

Financed by Newcastle City Council with assistance from Newcastle War Memorial Olympic Pool Committee and the Joint Coal Board.

Design and construction supervision effected by City Engineer's Department. City Engineer. J. G. Baddeley. A.M.I.E. AUST. M.T.P.I. Architect. N. Parkinson. A.R.A.I.A. Town Clerk. W. Burges. F.I.M.A. A.A.S.A. L.G.A. Builder. W. Stronach Pty. Limited.

102 Durham Road
Lambton NSW 2299
Local Government Area
  • Newcastle, City of
  • Garden/park
Location status
Memorial type
  • Swimming pool/swimming centre
Recorded by
Mr Robert McLardy
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Dedication date
26 January 1963
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