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New Lambton Public School Second World War Air Force Commemorative Plaque

New Lambton Public School Second World War Air Force Commemorative Plaque
New Lambton Public School Second World War Air Force Commemorative Plaque
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These two metal plaques are displayed in the vestibule of the New Lambton Public School in Newcastle, NSW. The plaques are accompanied by the Ensign of the Royal Australian Air Force (R.A.A.F.).

Note: The school has permission to use the R.A.A.F. Ensign as per the below letter:

New Lambton Public School (Newcastle)

You have been granted approval to use the Ensign of the RAAF. The Ensign was approved in its current form by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 1981 and proclaimed an Australian flag by His Excellency the Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1982. This effectively made the Ensign the Battle Ensign of the RAAF. Accordingly, the Ensign is always to be treated with the dignity and respect befitting the proud history of the RAAF.

  • The following conditions apply to the use of the Ensign: The Ensign is for display purposes only and is not to be paraded at any time.
  • If not flown on a mast, the Ensign should preferably be attached to a staff approx 2.6m in length, thereby allowing the Ensign to hang properly.
  • The Ensign is not to be used for decorative purposes on walls, tables, platforms or in any similar manner, nor is it to be used to cover or dress a casket.
  • When displayed with other flags, the Ensign must be placed in the proper order of precedence, and raised and lowered in order of precedence.
  • If flown on a flagpole, the Ensign is to be placed at half mast on Anzac Day until noon and, on Remembrance Day from 1030 hours until 1103 hours.
  • The Ensign is not normally flown at half mast on State occasions unless placed in close proximity to other national or Service flags.
  • If flown on a flagpole, the Ensign should be lowered at sunset each day and, when being raised or lowered on a flagpole, is to be prevented from touching the ground.

R.V RICHARDSON Air Vice-Marshal Assistant Chief of the Air Staff - Personnel and Resource Management, May 1995.


Plaque 1

Commemorative plaque presented to New Lambton Public School 

During World War II - New Lambton Public School was the site of no. 02 Fighter Sector. This unit was the control centre for the air defence of Newcastle and the central training school for all Fighter sectors personnel. No. 02 Fighter sector was operational from 25th February 1942 to 3rd December 1944. This plaque is presented by No. 03 control reporting unit and the radar air defence branch of the RAAF association in the 50th anniversary of Victory in the Pacific. 15th August 1995.

Plaque 2

This plaque was unveiled by Councillor John McNaughton A.M; F.I.S. Aust Lord Mayor of Newcastle 17th August 1995, at a school assembly to thank those who served at the school and elsewhere during WWII. New Lambton remembers. 

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New Lambton Public School
Regent Street
New Lambton NSW 2305
Local Government Area
Newcastle, City of
Building – inside
Location status
Original location
Memorial type
Recorded by
New Lambton Public School - Class 5N
Year of construction
Dedication date
17 August 1995
Second World War, 1939–45