Lismore First World War Memorial Grove Obelisk

Lismore WWI Obelisk and Memorial PlaquesLismore WWI Obelisk and Memorial PlaquesLismore WWI Obelisk and Memorial Plaques

A trachyte stone obelisk seated on two stone blocks, inscribed with the names of Lismore veterans who gave their lives in the First World War. It was associated with a memorial avenue of trees in Alexandria Parade and Winterton Parade in Lismore. It was unveiled by Governor Dudley de Char on 20 November 1925.

The base also carries a more recent plaque relating to the memorial's relocation to the Union Street site and rededication by the Mayor of Lismore on 7 November 2004. The memorial lies within the heritage listing boundary of the Lismore Railway Station Group.




The Great War 1914 1919
Obelisk Unveiled By Sir Dudley De Chair Governor of New South Wales
When Dedicating This Avenue Of Memorial Trees
To Those Fallen Soldiers Whose Names Are Hereon Engraved
Novr 20th 1925
Robert Brewster Mayor


The avenue of trees
honouring the memory of the local men
whose names are inscribed here
is on Alexandra and Winterton Parades,
North Lismore.


Unveiled by the
Mayor of Lismore
Councillor Merv King
In Honor of
Relocation & Rededication 
7th November 2004

Lismore Railway Station
Union Street
Lismore NSW 2480
Local Government Area
  • Lismore, City of
  • Roadside
Location status
Memorial type
  • Obelisk
Recorded by
Sydney Trains
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Dedication date
20 November 1925
  • First World War, 1914–18

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