Manildra Roll of Honor


Large copper plaque mounted on a wooden backing mounted upon this are two brass plaques with the soldiers names engraved and highlighted in black. Two smaller single name plates appear to have been added at a later date.


ROLL OF HONOR MEN FROM MANILDRA & DISTRICT WHO SERVED INTHE GREAT WAR1914 ~1918 IN MEMORY OF WILFRED MILLER Who server four years with the A.I.F. Killed as a result of an accident in Parkes, 21st July, 1923. PEGGY MILLER Only child of Wilfred and Gladys Miller. Died at Bathurst, 18th February, 1926 PRESENTED TO MANILDRA SOLDIERS MEMORIAL HALL, BY GLADYS MILLER IN REMEMBERANCE OF HER HUSBAND AND DAUGHTER.

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Unit Campaign Link
J Frogley World War 1 view
W A G Garlick World War 1 view
L E Giblin World War 1 view
C B Giffin World War 1 view
H K Giffin World War 1 view
L J Giffin World War 1 view
F C Goodman World War 1 view
G J Goodman World War 1 view
Pte D G Gosper World War 1 KIA 11.10.1917 6559 AIF 19th Btn France view
L Gosper World War 1 view
Manildra Soldiers Memorial hall,Kiewa Street
Manildra NSW 2865
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Peter Levarre-Waters
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