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Newington College Memorial Avenue

Newington College Memorial Avenue
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Description / Background

Memorial avenue originally planted with 75 poplars, each with a cross at the foot bearing a plaque with the name of an individual ex-student who died in the First World War. The poplars, many of which had died, were replaced by a new avenue of trees in 1966 and a dedicatory tablet established at the entrance to the driveway. Fifty of the individual plaques are now in the college's archives.

The avenue was originally dedicated on 29 February 1936 and was re-dedicated on 24 September 1966.


Lest we forget

This plaque was dedicated on 24th September, 1966, to mark the planing of trees alongside the War Memorial Drive by the Old Newingtonians' Union to restore those originally planted by the Union on 29th February 1936. By this act Old Newingtonians remember those Old Boys who gave their lives in the service of God, King and Country, and whose names are recorded on the War Memorial of the School.

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200 Stanmore Road,
Newington College,
Stanmore NSW 2048
Local Government Area
Inner West Council
Memorial type
Memorial avenue/Memorial tree/Memorial trees
Recorded by
David Roberts, Newington College
Year of construction
Dedication date
24 September 1966
First World War, 1914–18