Newport War Memorial


Tall white marble chip coated concrete pillar with 'LEST WE FORGET' on both sides. Next to this is a low marble sheet covered wall with memorial plaques and these stand atop 3 concrete platforms. Behind and to each side is a lamp pole and to the left hand side is a single flag pole. All of this is set just off the road way in a park setting.
Rededicated 21/04/1996


This plaque is a memorial to Australians who paid the supreme sacrifice during the wars
World War II

Newport memorial restored and sponsored under the new Work Opportunities Scheme and Pittwater Council
'Australia Remembers' 1945 – 1995
Re-dedicated 21.4.1996
'Lest We Forget'

Dedicated to the fallen unveiled by Major General Cullen DSO., ED 25th February, 1962

Trafalgar Park,Crn Gladstone & Stuart Streets
Newport NSW 2106
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Peter levarre-Waters
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25 February 1962

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