Oakwood Hall Great War Memorial Extensions


Oakwood Hall was established by December 1909. Following the First World War, the hall committee decided to construct extensions to the hall in remembrance of the men who were killed. The extensions included three rooms at the side of the hall; a cloak room, a supper room and an increase in the ante rooms. A memorial tablet, constructed of marble and timber, was placed in the hall. Mrs. G. Palmer who lost two sons of the four who served, unveiled the tablet. 

The hall was moved to the Inverell Pioneer Village and serves as a museum room.


The additions to this hall were erected 1922, at the instigation of the Oakwood Red Cross Society as a memorial to the men of Oakwood & Cherrytree Hill who gave up their lives in the cause of Liberty & Justice in the Great World War 1914-1918.

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64 Tingha Road,
Inverell Pioneer Village,
Inverell NSW 2360
Local Government Area
  • Inverell Shire
Location status
Memorial type
  • Building
Recorded by
Graham Wilson OAM
Year of construction
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Dedication date
30 September 1922
  • First World War, 1914–18