Oatley Park Lone Pine War Memorial

Oatley Park Lone Pine War Memorial - in leafy settingOatley Park Lone Pine War Memorial - in leafy setting 2Oatley Park Lone Pine War Memorial - plaque 1 up closeOatley Park Lone Pine War Memorial - plaque 2 up closeOatley Park Lone Pine War Memorial - plaque 3 up close

The memorial consists of an aleppo pine grown from a pine cone recovered from the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey.

There are three plaques at the base of the pine pointing out its significance.

The tree in Oatley Park is one of only 2 grown from a pine cone taken the Lone Pine tree itself, that is the one which stood in the middle of the battlefield.

The timeline:


[plaque 1]
This tree was grown from a seed of the original "LONE PINE" at Gallipoli of Anzac tradition in The Great War of 1914 - 1918
Citizens are asked to respect the tree in honour of the epic courage and sacrific of which it is aliving symbol.
Geo. R. Morris - Town Clerk

[plaque 2]
Hurstville City Council
During 1942 to 1943 Army units including the 12th and 26th Field Companies R.A.E. encamped in Oatley Park and were extended hospitality by members of the local community.
This plaque was unveiled by His Worship The Mayor of Hurstville Alderman B. McDonald on 17th Dec 1986 to acknowledge the Army occupation of Oatley Park during World War 11 and to commemorate the centenary of the proclamation of Oatley Park.
B. McDonald Mayor
H. E. J. Wallace City Manager

[plaque 3]
Hurstville City Council
This tree is one of two trees that grew from pine cones obtained from lone pine, gallipoli and planted in in 1920 by Owen Jones Davies, a World War 1 Veteran.
The ashes of Owen Jones Davies were scattered around this tree by his son, John  Davies, on Anzac Sunday, 20th April, 1958.
This plaque, provided by the Mortdale RSL Sub - Branch, was unveiled by His Worship the Mayor of Hurstville, Councillor Bryan McDonald on 13th August, 1995

Oatley Park Ave & Dame Mary Gilmore Rd
Oatley Park
Oatley NSW 2223
Location/surrounding area
Oatley/Mortdale. The park is easily accessible by car or public transport to Oatley Railway Station.
Recorded by
William Wright, Robert McLardy updated 10/07/2018
Established date
Unveiled: 1986 (plaque 2) and 1995 (plaque 3)
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World War 1
World War 2

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