Parkes Cooke Park Cenotaph

Parkes Cooke Park Cenotaph - 5 stele right to leftParkes Cooke Park Cenotaph - WW1 steleParkes Cooke Park Cenotaph - WW2 steleParkes Cooke Park Cenotaph - coat of arms steleParkes Cooke Park Cenotaph - Korean War steleParkes Cooke Park Cenotaph - Vietnam War steleRose garden with restored German FeldkanoneParkes Cooke Park Cenotaph - 5 steles front viewParkes Cooke Park Cenotaph - 5 steles

A memorial that honours all of the military personnel who failed to return home after military actions.

The memorial has five steles situated on plinth 1500mm tall, 200mm depth and 900mm wide. Each stele depicts graphics representing each conflict as described:

  • WWI - Simpson and his donkey
  • WW2 - Fuzzy Wuzzy and wounded soldier on Kokoda Trail
  • Korea - Hill
  • Vietnam - Operation Ulmarah depicting helicopters and troops
  • Centre stele - 'Peacekeepers' with graphic of a dove

The plinth is 600mm high, 450mm in depth and 14metres wide.

Top of steps to plinth 2000mm and each of 5 steps is 1200mm wide.

The cenotaph is constructed of granite with bronze art design.

The cenotaph is surrounded by landscaping as follows:

  • Walkway from corner of Welcome Street and Short Street is bordered by rose gardens
  • Right side of garden - yellow rose signifying peace - 'Peace'
  • Left side of garden - red rose signifying loss of life - 'Lest We Forget'
  • Centre of garden - white rose signifying loss of innocence
  • End of walkway is surrounded by rosemary.
  • Within the garden stands a restored German feldkanone

First World War 
1914 -1918 
Parkes [list of names]
Alectown [list of names]
Bogan Gate [list of names]
Bruie Plains [list of names]
Peak Hill [list of names]
Tichbourne [list of names]
Trundle [list of names]
Tullamore [list of names]
Wongalea [list of names]
Yarrabandai [list of names]

Second World War 
1939 -1945
Parkes [list of names]
Alectown [list of names]
Bogan Gate [list of names]
Peak Hill [list of names]
Trundle [list of names]
Tullamore [list of names] 
Korean War 
1950 -1953
Parkes [list of names]
Bogan Gate [list of names]

Vietnam War 
Parkes [list of names]

Sudan (NSW Contingent) March-June 1885. Boer War 1899-1902. Boxer Uprising 1900-1901. Malayan Emergency 1950-1960. Confrontation (Indonesia) 1964-1966
Gulf War (Middle East) 1990-1991. Afghanistan 2000-2002. Iraq 2003. Peacekeeping


Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Unit Campaign Link
Private S Abbott World War 1 DOD 16.03.1919 2613 56th Battalion (Infantry) view
M M Agnew World War 2 view
W Allison World War 1 view
G Anderson World War 1 view
Private T Angus World War 1 DOD 15.05.1917 2122 54th Battalion (Infantry) view
Gunner E J Arrow World War 2 DOD 1.07.1942 NX191455 Aa&A Mil Landing Craft Depot view
Private D W Arthur World War 1 DOD 18.02.1919 66172 57th Battalion (Infantry) view
Private C C Asgill World War 2 DOD 17.07.1945 NX54534 2/30 Aust Infantry Batt view
Private A D Ash World War 2 DOD 19.02.1942 NX27185 2/18 Aust Infantry Batt view
F Atkinson World War 1 view
Short Street
Welcome Street
Parkes NSW 2870
Location/surrounding area
The memorial stands at the corner of Cooke Park, near the intersection of Welcome St and Short St. Parkes, [-33.140356, 148.173711]
Recorded by
Paul Thomas
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01 January 1970
All wars

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