Pyrmont and Ultimo War Memorial


A large, 4-sided trachyte stone memorial set on a circular red-brick base with very low, decorative wrought iron ring around the perimeter. Atop is a bronze statue of a female angel of peace bearing a shield. The statue was created by Gilbert Doble.  The names of veterans are embossed on a series of bronze plaques on each face of the memorial:

side 1 – veterans who died;

side 2 – veterans A-G,

side 3 – veterans G-O; and,

side 4 – veterans O-Y



[above the list of veterans who lost their lives]

Raised in honour of the men of Pyrmont and Ultimo who served their country during the Great War 1914 – 1919. Erected by the people of these districts

[on the angel’s shield]

Their name liveth for ever more


Dedication date: 

8th April 1922


First World War, 1914-1918
Pyrmont and Ultimo War Memorial in the SquarePyrmont and Ultimo War MemorialPlaque - Veterans who died Inscription on Veterans who died plaquePlaque - Veterans names G-OPlaque - Veterans names O-YStatue Angel of Peace with shieldWrought iron ring at perimeter of memorial

Recorded by: 

David Roden

Established date: 


Location/surrounding area: 

cnr Harris and Union Streets

Address Data: 

138-146 Harris St
Union Square
Pyrmont NSW 2009

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