Seaham School of Arts Memorial Gates


Two sandstone pillars with marble face plates imbedded into repaired pillars. Extensive reconstruction has taken place. Some of the letters on the plaques are missing. The top of each pillar is capped with a block of stone, each not facing the front.



(left - south pillar) 1914 Seaham (right - north pillar) 1919 Roll of Honour


Recorded by: 

Mr Robert McLardy

Location/surrounding area: 

Memorial Location

Address Data: 

School of Arts, northern end of Seaham Road151 43 32E / 32 39 48S,9232 Newcastle 1:100000 AGD66
Seaham NSW 2324

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Veterans Listed

FirstName LastNamesort descending Conflict Status Link
E E Back World War 1 KIA view
C J Bambach World War 1 KIA view
S L Barton World War 1 view
D M Blair World War 1 KIA view
R G Boag World War 1 view
W F Boag World War 1 KIA view
P J Bourke World War 1 view
M A Brown World War 1 view
A J Callaghan World War 1 KIA view
G D Carmichael World War 1 KIA view