St Andrews Roll of Honor and Memorial Window


Polished timber plaque with fluted side pillars and gold lettering, and stained glass memorial window.


1914 The Great War 1919
St. Andrews Honor Roll

In loving memory of Halcolm Hunter and Bryson W. Stein who gave their lives for our land in World War II. Erected to their memory by their parents.

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflicts Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
E Adams World War 1 view
R Armstrong World War 1 view
H Bain World War 1 view
G E Bush World War 1 view
H W Campbell World War 1 view
P Clark World War 1 view
V E D Crisp World War 1 view
A G Fraser World War 1 view
C Grieve World War 1 view
E J R Haynes World War 1 view
St Andrews Church
Grenfell NSW 2810
Location/surrounding area
Memorial Location
Recorded by
Peter Levarre-Waters
Established date
Dedication date

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