St Paul's Wahroonga War Memorial Wall


Two marble plaques imbedded into sandstone wall that surrounds the church site on two sides.



For God King And Country We Will Remember Them


In gratitude to Almighty God for the successful termination of the War 1939-1945 and in loving memory of men of this parish who gave their lives, this wall was erected by the parishioners.



World War 1

Recorded by: 

Peter Levarre-Waters

Location/surrounding area: 

Cumberland Highway. Located on either side of the entrance gate into the Church grounds. This area is also known as Pearces Corner

Address Data: 

,Intersection of Pacific Highway & Pennant Hills Road
St Paul's Church
Wahroonga NSW 2076

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Veterans Listed

Rank FirstName LastNamesort descending Conflict Status Link
F/SGT CEW Clifford World War 2 KIA view
GNR R Dickerson World War 2 KIA view
P/O FLR Lloyd World War 2 KIA view
SPR PB MacKenzie World War 2 KIA view
SGT/P KM Miegel World War 2 KIA view
F/O MTW Pain World War 2 KIA view
LIEUT FEH Ross World War 2 KIA view
F/SGT HJ Tolhurst World War 2 KIA view