Former Bangalow District War Memorial Hospital Gateway

Former Bangalow District War Memorial Hospital GatesFormer Bangalow District War Memorial Hospital Gates, close-up of 1961 opening plaqueFormer Bangalow District War Memorial Hospital Gates, close-up of 1986 opening plaque

This brick gateway belonged to the former Bangalow District War Memorial Hospital, established in 1953. It consists of two brick pillars, joined at the top by a decorative iron panel. The panel incorporates the words 'War Memorial Hospital'. A single iron gate spans the pillars, which includes the word 'Bangalow'. 

When the hospital was opened in April 1953, it featured this gateway and a new brick fence. Attached to the back of the pillars are two plaques that record the official opening of a building at the hospital on 12 December 1961, as well as the establishment of the complex as a Health Service Centre in 1986.

History of the hospital

The Byron Private Hospital was built in 1908 and was located in Granuallie Road, Bangalow. It was due to be closed around 1952, until the residents of the Bangalow district formed the Bangalow Hospital Retention Committee. The committee planned to make the hospital a public facility and numerous fund raising activities were held throughout the district to support the project. 

In mid-1952, the Bangalow War Memorial Committee used some of its funds to purchase the hospital, for it to become the Bangalow War Memorial Hospital. It was to be handed over to the retention committee, with the remaining funds going towards renovations, which eventually included the gate and fence (Northern Star, 18 August 1952).

The hospital was opened on 11 April 1953 by the Governor of NSW, Sir John Northcott. The event was announced in the Northern Star on 2 April and the article included a detailed history of the committees' work. 

Bangalow War Memorial Hospital was added to the Public Hospitals Act, 1929–1943 on 7 January 1959, under the corporate name of The Bangalow District (War Memorial) Hospital (NSW Government Gazette, 23 January 1959).


Gate - top

War Memorial Hospital

Gate - middle


Plaque 1

This building
was officially opened by
the Hon. W. F. Sheahan, Q.C., LL.B., M.L.A.
Minister for Health
on 12th December 1961

S. T. Stephens M.L.A. Member for Byron
R. S. Hodgson, Chairman
Board of Directors

Dr. H. Selle
C. B. Stinson
E. H. McIntyre
Hospitals Commission of N.S.W.

E. H. Farmer, Government Archictect

Plaque 2

This Health Service Centre
was officially opened
Hon. Barrie Unsworth M.L.C.
Minister for Health
15th March 1986

Mr. D. F. C. Beck, M.P., Member for Byron
Dr. D. C. Harris, Regional Director, North Coast Health Region, Department of Health, N.S.W.
Mrs. Janice Mangelson, Chairman, Brunswick Byron Area Health Board
Mr. G. Messiter, Secretary, Department of Health N.S.W. 
Mr. J. W. Thompson, Government Architect of N.S.W. 

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