Grafton Memorial Park

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The memorial park was established in 1919, after the First World War, with numerous additions to the park installed to commemorate the various conflicts in which Australians have served since. A memorial gateway leads to these memorials, with box hedges (Buxus microphylla) on either side to commemorate the Australian Flying Corps, Royal Australian Medical Corps and the RAAF. Inside the park are several bronze plaques, attached to brick walls, to remember various conflicts and veteran groups, including Australian servicewomen, prisoners of war and war animals; the latter plaque depicts a horse, a camel, a pigeon, a dog, a mule and a donkey.

The Grafton Argus (27 October 1919) reported that Grafton Council had been gifted a piece of land for a memorial park, with work underway by late September that year. At that stage, a brick wall surrounded by paths were laid out, and Council called for donations for flowers and shrubs to beautify the park. By March 1920, the palms and scrub planting had been completed. The park was then dedicated by General Sir William R Birdwood on 22 May 1920.

The Grafton RSL was awarded a 'Saluting Their Service' grant on 19 June 2015.

  • Brick
  • Bronze



Memorial hedges




Prisoners of War plaque

In memory of

Prisoners of War

Let us not forget the suffering that
was inflicted on servicemen and women
as a result of internment as
prisoners of war.

Donated by
Grafton RSL Sub Branch

National Servicemen plaque

To the
National Servicemen

Donated by
Grafton RSL Sub Branch

Servicewomen plaque


Donated by
Grafton RSL Sub Branch

War animals plaque

Dedicated to all
war animals
they also
Lest We Forget

Donated by
Grafton RSL Sub Branch

South African War plaque

In memory of

those who served - and those who died

South Africa War (Boer War)
1899 - 1902

Lest We Forget

Donated by
Grafton RSL Sub Branch

Indonesian Confrontation plaque

Indonesian Confrontation
1963 - 1966

Sinai, Namibia and Rwanda peacekeeping plaque

1976 - 1979
1982 - 1986
1993 - Present  Sinai
1989 - 1990 Namibia
1994 - 1994 Rwanda

Donated by
Grafton RSL Sub Branch
Department of Veterans Affairs

Cambodia and Somalia plaque

1991 - 1993 Cambodia
1992 - 1995 Somalia

Donated by
Grafton RSL Sub Branch
Department of Veterans Affairs

East Timor and Bougainville plaque

1999 - 2013 East Timor
1997 - 2003 Bougainville

Grafton Memorial Park
Prince Street
Grafton NSW 2460
Local Government Area
  • Clarence Valley Council
  • Garden/park
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  • Board/roll/plaque/tablet
  • Garden/park
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Graham Wilson
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Dedication date
22 May 1920
  • South African War (Boer War), 1899–1902
  • Malayan Emergency, 1950–60
  • Indonesian Confrontation, 1963–66
  • Vietnam War, 1962–75
  • Iraq: the First Gulf War, 1990–91
  • Iraq: the Second Gulf War, 2003–09
  • Peacekeeping, 1947–present
  • All conflicts

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