Rats of Tobruk Association Remembrance Service Tree, Bowraville

Bowraville Rats of Tobruk Association Remembrance Service Tree, plaque on bushrockBowraville Rats of Tobruk Association Remembrance Service Tree, plaque close up

The memorial is a commemorative tree, positioned on the median strip of the main road in the Bowraville village. It was planted in April 1980 by The Rats of Tobruk Association of the North Coast Sub-Branch. Next to the tree is a bushrock with a bronze plaque attached, inscribed with the details of the planting. 

This memorial is adjacent to the Bowraville War Memorial, where Anzac Day services are held.

The Rats of Tobruk

From the Rats of Tobruk Inc. website:

By April 1941, the German and Italian forces under the command of Lieutenant General Erwin Rommel had surrounded the Tobruk garrison which was being defended by British Commonwealth forces including more that 14,000 Australians, under the command of Major General Leslie Morshead. Along the perimeter the first shots were exchanged. The siege had begun. Heavy fighting continued for 242 days. It was an epic battle and despite heavy casualties, the Tobruk garrison was held. Finally on 7 December 1941, Rommel was forced to abandon the siege. This was one the longest sieges in British Military history and gave rise to the legend of the mighty 'Rats of Tobruk'.

Towards the end of the Second World War, the 'Rats of Tobruk Association' was formed and sub-branches were created. In recent years many branches have closed due to deaths or aging of Tobruk veterans.



The Rats of Tobruk Association
the North Coast Sub Branch
Remembrance Service Tree
Planted April 1980.

High Street
Bowraville NSW 2450
Local Government Area
  • Nambucca Shire
  • Roadside
Location status
Original location
Memorial type
  • Memorial avenue/Memorial tree/Memorial trees
Recorded by
Graham Wilson
Established date
April 1980
Established Date format: 
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  • Second World War, 1939–45

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