Annandale Heritage Festival

Sunday, 21 April 2013 - 12:00pm4:00pm

War Memorial Guided Walk - Marghanita da Cruz

As a part of the Annandale Heritage Festival, author and Register of War Memorials contributor Marghanita da Cruz, will guide a one hour walking tour of Annandale's War Memorials at 2pm Cost: $25 includes afternoon tea, numbers limited, proceeds to the Church Conservation Appeal.

To book Telephone:9969-8071 or Email:


Heritage Exhibition and Talks

The exhibition of Church and Annandale's heritage in the 1886 Arts and Crafts brick school hall, will feature the Architect's drawings for Annandale's War Memorial (courtesy of the Leichhardt Library Local History Section), as well as extracts from the history of the Sewerage Aqueducts and the introduction of Electricity to Annandale from Marghanita da Cruz's short walk books. Entry is free.


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