Arncliffe War Memorial


A black memorial column mounted on a
three-tiered sandstone base. The insignia of the Royal Australian Navy is
engraved on the front of the War Memorial; on one side of the memorial is
engraved the insignia of the Australian Military Forces and on the other
side is the insignia of the Royal Australian Air Force; a plain red cross
is engraved on the back of the war memorial.


There are three plaques on the war memorial.
The first one reads: 'Lest we forget.'

Underneath this is a plaque saying: 'This memorial is dedicated to members
of the Allied Forces who served in all wars and conflicts.'

The third plaque reads: 'This memorial was dedicated on the 21st April 1968
by the Clergy of the of Arncliffe.'

Arncliffe Park , 71A Wollongong Road
Arncliffe NSW 2205
Location/surrounding area
Memorial Location
Recorded by
Kirsten Broderick and Peter Levarre-Waters
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1968-04-21 00:00:00.0
Dedication date
21 April 1968

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