Berrima First and Second World Wars Memorial

Berrima First and Second World Wars Memorial, in gardenBerrima First and Second World Wars Memorial, front view

The war memorial in Berrima, NSW, is located in a small park in the town centre. It is a stone pillar, standing one two concrete steps. Two flagpoles are also on site, along with several benches, rosemary bushes, and beautiful mature trees. 

Attached to the front of the pillar are two plaques. The top plaque bears the dedication to those who served in the First and Second World Wars. The lower plaque is dedicated to the Unknown Soldier. 

The memorial was unveiled following an Anzac Day ceremony on 25 April 1953. A detailed account of the event was published in The Southern Mail on 1 May. 


Plaque 1

Lest we forget

Plaque 2

In memory of the fallen
and the
unknown Australian solider.
75th Anniversary of
Remembrance Day

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Cnr Old Hume Highway and Jellore Street
Berrima NSW 2577
Local Government Area
  • Wingecarribee Shire
  • Garden/park
Location status
Original location
Memorial type
  • Column/pillar
Recorded by
Jane Williamson. Peter Levarre-Waters.
Year of construction
Established Date format: 
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Dedication date
25 April 1953
  • First World War, 1914–18
  • Second World War, 1939–45
  • Bronze
  • Other stone