Blue Mountains District ANZAC Memorial Hospital and Great War Honour Roll


The foundation stone for the memorial hospital was laid on 9 October 1925 and it was officially opened on 3 October 1928. Inside the entry hall to the original hospital building is the honour roll which is comprised of three large white marble plaques attached to the brick wall. It was dedicated on 31 March 1927. The inscription and veterans' names are engraved and gilded on the plaques. In the hall there is also a photograph of the Anzac's landing at Gallipoli, plaques listing the life members of the hospital and, a handbill advertising a fundraising race meeting for the hospital which was dropped from the air by Sir Ross Smith in late 1919 as part of his historic flight from England to Australia. 


Entry hall - honour roll unveiling tablet

Blue Mountains
Anzac Memorial

In memory of the fallen
in the
Great War 1914-1918.

Unveiled March 31st 1927 by
Her Royal Highness the Duchess of York.

'Not once or twice in our fair island story,
The path of duty was the way to glory.'

Foundation stone

This stone was laid by His Excellency Admiral Sir Dudley R S De Chair, KCB, MVO 9th October 1925

Subsequent 'foundation stone'

The Thomas James Cale Memorial Drive, 1950

Veterans listed on this memorial

Last held rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Read more
R E Acland World War 1 view
P J Aldrid World War 1 view
R R Annesley World War 1 view
R Babbs World War 1 view
F Bailey World War 1 view
H R Bailey World War 1 view
R Bailey World War 1 view
T Bannon World War 1 view
L Blockley World War 1 view
T G Boyd World War 1 view

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1 Woodlands Road
Katoomba NSW 2780
Local Government Area
  • Blue Mountains, City of
Memorial type
  • Board/roll/plaque/tablet
  • Building
Recorded by
David Roden and Peter Levarre-Waters
Year of construction
Established Date format: 
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Dedication date
03 October 1928
  • First World War, 1914–18