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Lone Pine Avenue and Memorial Gates, Leura

Lone Pine Avenue and Memorial Gates, Leura
Leura Memorial Gates
Lone Pine War Memorial, Leura - Dedication Plaque - Patrick Williams
Lone Pine War Memorial, Leura - Right Hand Side - Patrick Williams
Lone Pine War Memorial, Leura - Veterans Commemorated - Patrick Williams
Lone Pine War Memorial, Leura - Left Hand Side - Patrick Williams
Close-up of wreath hooks on memorial gates, Leura
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Description / Background

Lone Pine Peace Park is set on the western side of a gully. It is approached on the north by a gateway designed as a memorial to the men of Leura who fought in the First World War. The gateposts are of sandstone, and lead to a dirt drive, which is lined at the Malvern Road end by planatus trees.

The gateposts have a central vehicle entry and pedestrian entries either side. The centre posts are square smooth faced sandstone with moulded corbels. Bronze plaques on the west faces commemorate those who served in the war. The north gateposts lists those who served and the south posts records the erection of the gates by the citizens of Leura. Below the plaques on both sides are hooks, which are possibly used to hang wreaths during commemorative services. The side posts are a smaller version of the centre posts. 

Sandstone kerbing leads to the gates and a low diagonal rail fence with pyramidal capped fenceposts is located either side of the gates. A cupressus is planted behind the fence on each side.

The memorial was originally dedicated on 25 May 1921 and was re-dedicated on 25 May 1997. A panel located nearby describes the original tree planting, which took place shortly after the dedication:

On the 19th July 1921 the first planting of a grove of plane trees began under the auspices of the Leura Soldiers Memorial Committee. A tree was planted for everyone named in the Memorial Gateway. Thirteen now remain, the others have been destroyed by bushfires. 

On the 25[th] May 1997 a ceremony was held to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the dedication of Gordon Falls Reserve and the re-dedications of the Lone Pine Avenue and Gateway Memorials. 

For extended information on the veterans listed on this memorial, please see Charles Davis' Australia WW1 Honour Roll website.

Located directly behind the gates are the Lone Pine Peace Park and Handshake Memorial for Peace, Leura and the Australian Red Cross First World War Memorial Rose Garden, Leura


Large north gate, west face


* Fallen

Large south gate, west face



was erected,

and this avenue planted

by the citizens of Leura,

in honour of the Leura

men who served in

the Great War,


and whose names are

inscribed on the

panel opposite

"Not once or twice in our fair island story

The path of duty was the way to glory"'

Lintels between the side and centre posts


Veterans listed on this memorial

Veterans listed on this memorial

Last held rank Given name Family name Conflict/s Service No. Service Campaign Read more
J Austin World War 1 4050 Navy view
B Austin World War 1 5343 Navy view
Pte R Babb World War 1 1138 AIF view
W Banks World War 1 view
Cpl T Bannon World War 1 802 view
M Barton World War 1 14491 AIF view
C Berg World War 1 1870 view
W P Brown World War 1 2577 AIF view
A Brown World War 1 614 AIF view
B Brown 5A AIF view

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Lone Pine Peace Park
Cnr Malvern Road and Balmoral Street
Leura NSW 2780
Local Government Area
Blue Mountains, City of
Memorial type
Memorial avenue/Memorial tree/Memorial trees
Recorded by
Blue Mountains City Council
Year of construction
Dedication date
25 May 1921
First World War, 1914–18