Clunes Charge Presbyterian 1914 - 19 Honour Roll


Honour Roll Marble, black and white 2 Names in memorium at the top 25 names on main roll Flag in colours each side of the roll Union Jack + red ensign Black and white diamond check black and white marble across the bottom This honour roll was in the presbyterian church at Clunes and was relocated to the Coronation Hall in May 2009 after the church was sold.


Clunes Charge Honour Roll In Memorium 1914 - 1919 The Great War

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
W F Anderson WW1 Army view
S L Anderson WW1 Army view
J H Bill WW1 Army view
B Cameron WW1 Army view
M Cavmout WW1 Army view
M C Elliott WW1 Army view
R Elliott WW1 Army view
J H Ewing WW1 Army view
T Ewing WW1 Army view
F Ewing WW1 KIA Army view
Coronation Hall, Walker Street
Clunes NSW 2480
Recorded by
Christopher Gray - Bangalow RSL Sub Branch
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