Condobolin South African War Memorial Fountain


Sandstone obelisk that has in addition to the names of the soldiers, two marble insets showing crossed swords and helmet. The helmet bears a plate of the New South Wales Military Forces. The other has crossed rifles with bugle underneath. On the butt of one of the rifles the number can be clearly seen 10 N.S.W.

The monument is composed of hard yellow Waverley stone; the same used in all the public buildings of Sydney and to a large extent in Brisbane and Adelaide. The whole monument has been obtained from one huge block in order to maintain uniformity of colour and texture. It stands on a solid base 4 feet square x 3 feet 3 inches high and weighs in itself over 1 '/2 tons - this base is clean chiselled and chamfered. The second base is finished off with a heavy mould and two sides are inlaid with marble panels of specially selected Carrara marble on which are carved in bold relief on one, cross-guns and a bugle and the other cross-swords and a helmet.

The guns are a replica of the modern magazine type and are exact replica of the Lee-Metford rifle used in the Boer War. The cross-swords and the helmet are of the latest pattern. The sculpture is of a very high order and very beautiful indeed. The general boldness of the work and its truthfulness to the minute details being conspicuous features of the work; the indicator and the number of the guns, and the Coat of Arms on the helmet are evidences of the trouble taken to ensure a correct reproduction. The monument is unique in this respect, that no other memorial in the State has guns of a similar design, being mostly of the Martini-Henry type, which are much easier to reproduce.

The die of the monument is inlaid on the east and west sides with marble panels, which bear the following inscriptions in imperishable lead letters: 'In memory of soldiers of Condobolin and District who lost their lives in the service of the Empire in South Africa 1899 - 1902.' This monument was erected as a tribute of respect by the residents of the district in memory of Lieutenant, Robert White, Sergeant George W. Davidson, Trooper John Wardell and Trooper Robert Cameron.

The other two sides of the die are fitted with brass drinking taps and two copper cups specially prepared inside are attached to each of the basins by double-link brass chains. The pipes both for the drinking and wastewater are arranged inside the monument. The whole is surmounted with a cap and shaft of a very substantial nature. - The cap is one of Messrs Parkhill & Sons best designs and is an excellent example of high-class monumental masonry. It is heavily moulded and carved on two sides a laurel wreath and ribbon and on the other two sides a laurel and oak spray.

Around the base of the monument, posts and chains are placed in two semi circles leaving openings at each end of the drinking taps. The eight posts are octagonal in shape with an ornamental head forming a three-leafed 'renaissance' the cable chain swinging between the posts is of very solid appearance. The posts and chains give it an excellent finish and will protect the base of the memorial. The total height is 18 feet and the total weight, about 8 tons.

The removal of the South African War Memorial from the street intersection
[ McDonnell and Bathurst Streets] to the more fitting surroundings of the Memorial Park was carried out in 1964.


In memory of soldiers of Condobolin and district who lost their lives in the service of the Empire, in South Africa 1899-1902, This monument was erected as a tribute of respect by the residents of the district.

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflicts Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
Trooper Robert Cameron South African Campaign KIA view
Sergt. George W Davidson South African Campaign KIA view
Trooper John Wardell South African Campaign KIA view
Lieut. Robert White South African Campaign KIA view
Memorial Park, Lachlan Street
Condobolin NSW 2877
Location/surrounding area
Memorial Location
Recorded by
Sharon Denyer - Lachlan Shire Library. Tim Gowing - Lachlan Shire Council (Photographer)
Established date
Dedication date
1903-08-07 00:00:00.0

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