East Maitland War Memorial


A square stone pillar more than three metres high. At the top of the front face is the date range '1914-1919', separated by a wreath. Names of the servicemen from the Great War are on three sides of the pillar, while at the rear are the names of the Mayors during this time.

Inscriptions honouring the Second World War and later conflicts are also included on the memorial, and a plaque commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second World War is attached low on the main face. One flagpole is positioned on the left of the memorial, flying the Australian flag and the New Zealand flag flies from a pole on the right. 


Main face - south west - top

1914 - 1919 This stone of commemoration was erected in honour of the men of East Maitland who served their King and Empire in the Great War. "Their names live for evermore." "These were our sons who died for our Lands."


Main face - south west - lower centre

East Maitland Sub-Branch RSL.

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War with the surrender of the Japanese Armed Forces in the Pacific 15th August 1945. This plaque honours the men and women of the Commonwealth of Australia who served their country during this conflict 3rd September 1939 to 15th August 1945 and pays homage to all Australians who gave their lives in the defence of their country and of the free world. We Will Remember Them - Lest We Forget. E G Bushell J.P. President; J N Whiting Hon. Sec.; W K Reynolds Hon. Treas.

Main face - south west - bottom

This stone was laid by Mrs Gordon Clift 24th February 1923

South east face - top

Roll of Honour


South east face - bottom

Malaya 1948-60 1964-65 * Korea 1945-54

North east face - top)

The Tribute of a Grateful People. W M Porter, A S Foster, J H F Waller, Mayors 1914-1919. Thos. Browne Ltd Sculptors. W H Pender F.I.A. Hon. Architect. 

North east face - bottom

Unveiled by Lieut. General George L. Lee CMG DSO Anzac Day 25th April 1923. 

North west face - top

Roll of Honour

North east face - bottom

World War II 1938-45 * Vietnam 1962-73

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
H J Adams World War 1 view
G J Akhurst World War 1 view
A Alcorn World War 1 view
L J Anderson World War 1 view
R Anderson World War 1 view
R S Avard World War 1 view
D H Avard World War 1 KIA view
P Barton World War 1 KIA view
A W Bellamy World War 1 view
F Bellamy World War 1 view
Cnr William Street and New England Highway
East Maitland NSW 2323
Local Government Area
  • Maitland, City of
  • Roadside
Memorial type
  • Column/pillar
Recorded by
Mr Robert McLardy. Updated photographs by Peter Levarre-Waters.
Established date
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Dedication date
25 April 1923
  • First World War, 1914–18
  • Second World War, 1939–45
  • Malayan Emergency, 1950–60
  • Indonesian Confrontation, 1963–66
  • Vietnam War, 1962–75

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