Engadine War Memorial

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The memorial features a cairn or 'pile of stones' on a marble base with an eternal light on top. The words 'To the Fallen' are etched into the front of the base. 

Behind the cairn is a semi-circular 2 metre high white stucco wall. The wall features the RSL logo, a marble etched badge for each service (Navy, Army, Airforce and Merchant Navy) and the words 'Lest we forget' in stainless steel. Two flagpoles are on either side of the cairn.  

Set into the paving directly in front of the memorial is a marble plaque etched with the words 'In memory of all those who served'.

The new memorial was constructed by Sutherland Shire Council on behalf of the Engadine RSL Sub Branch in 2010 as a part of the new Engadine Community Centre and Town Square in the Engadine CBD on the Old Princes Highway. It was re-dedicated in an Anzac service on 18 April 2010.

In April 2014 the memorial was enhanced with a four storey (40 metres high by 5 metres wide) image of a Digger at “reverse arms” which is emblazoned on the wall of the adjacent Moran Engadine Aged Care Facility.


  • The first Engadine war memorial was erected in 1959 and was located at 1029 Old Princes Highway in front of the original Engadine RSL Club. It was a stone monument painted white and featuring a cross.
  • 1965 – it was replaced in the same location by a cairn featuring an eternal light at the top, the RSL logo badge and a brass plaque etched with the words 'To the fallen'. It was updated due to the refurbishment of the Club.
  • 1991 – the cairn was relocated across the road to the forecourt of the Engadine Community Centre on Sutherland Council land due to the RSL Club expansion.
  • 1999 – a brick and sandstone fence was erected in front of the cairn featuring marble service badges of the Navy, Army and Airforce and a marble plaque etched with the words 'In memory of all those that served'.
  • 2009 – the memorial was carefully dismantled by Sutherland Shire Council to allow the construction of the new Engadine Community Centre and Town Square. The cairn, eternal light, service badges, RSL Logo and marble plaques were retained for re-use in the new Town Centre memorial.


To the fallen


Lest we forget


In memory of all those who served

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1034 Old Princes Highway,
Engadine Community Plaza,
Engadine NSW 2233
Local Government Area
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Public square
Memorial type
  • Cairn
Recorded by
Ms Donna Henderson, Sutherland Shire Council. Updated by Gary Eggert Treasurer & Pension Officer, Engadine RSL Sub Branch.
Year of construction
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Dedication date
18 April 2010
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