Falcon Memorial Playing Fields and Memorial Gates


Two unequal-sized sandstone pillars represent the original stone gate postsĀ at the entrance to the playing fields. Attached to the southern post are two bronze plaques and to the north post an inset sandstone plaque with the name of the playing fields inscribed. The use of the term 'falcon' is derived from the crest of North Sydney Boys High School.


North post

The Falcon Memorial Playing Fields

South post, plaque 1

A memorial to the masters and old boys of the North Sydney Boys High who have served in the Armed Forces in war since the founding of the school. Unveiled by the Governor of New South Wales Lt. Gen. Sir John Northcott KCMG, KCVO, CB. 5th of May 1956.

South post, plaque 2

These gate posts are all that remain of the Falcon Memorial Gates designed by David G. Limburg, architect and installed in 1956 by the Falcon Memorial Playing Fields Trust, North Sydney Boys High School and North Sydney Council. The original design featured steel gates. However these were removed, at some point, for reasons unknown. The gate posts also carried a copy of a plaque commemorating those connected with the School, who served in the Armed Forces. The original of this plaque is located in the Administration Building at North Sydney Boys High School. The original gate posts were removed in 1997 during construction works associated with the Northside Storage Tunnel. Following completion of the project in 2001 the posts and commemorative plaque were reconstructed by the Northside Storage Tunnel Alliance. Genia McCaffery Mayor of North Sydney June 2001.

Brothers Avenue
Cammeray NSW 2062
Local Government Area
  • North Sydney Council
  • Garden/park
Memorial type
  • Gate/lychgate
  • Sports ground
Recorded by
David Roden
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05 May 1956
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