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Forestville RSL Cenotaph

Forestville RSL Cenotaph
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Description / Background

The image we are conveying is to show the agony of war and the jubilation of peace. The human suffering and destruction of material objects. The agony, the relief and exhilaration that, at long last there is peace.

Components of the Cenotaph are explained as follows:

  • the hands are those of a wounded and bandaged soldier desperately grasping the olive branch of peace, and of a caring nurse sharing in the peace they strived to achieve
  • the burst plate at the back depicts a piece of Armour Plate destroyed by shellfire and explosions
  • in the top right hand corner of the burst plate is an etched glass panel showing the dove of peace flying away after delivering the olive branch, and on to its next quest to deliver another olive branch to an adversary
  • the water feature completes the story with the calming effect of peace and the cleansing of the ravages of war
  • the memorial pavers for family and friends to remember those who have served and who are no longer with us

Lest we forget. Anzac. 

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22 Merwood Avenue
Forestville NSW 2087
Local Government Area
Northern Beaches Council
Building – outside
Memorial type
Recorded by
Tony Dapre (Forestville RSL Sub Branch)
Year of construction
Dedication date
17 April 2005
All conflicts