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Glen Innes Anzac Park Vietnam War Memorial

Glen Innes Anzac Park Vietnam War Memorial
Glen Innes Vietnam War Memorial
Glen Innes Vietnam War Memorial
Glen Innes Vietnam War Memorial
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The memorial is a tapered block of black onyx, inscribed with a dedication and a map of Vietnam. Behind the block is a curved brick wall, attached to which is a honour roll of those from Glen Innes and District who served in Vietnam. Defence Force insignas for the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Commonwealth, Military Forces, and Royal Australian Air Force are also attached. In front of the memorial is a circle of brick paving. A plaque with the history of Australia's involvement in Vietnam is set into the bricks. 




In memory of those who served Vietnam 1962–1973.

Lest We Forget

Honour roll

Those from Glen Innes District who served in the Vietnam conflict 1962–1973



Vietnam 1962–1973

Australian involvement in Vietnam began in 1962 with the commitment of army advisers whose task it was to train and assist the army of the Republic of Vietnam in its struggle against Viet Cong guerrilas and later against the forces of North Vietnam in 1965. A regular battalion was sent to assist American and South Vietnamese forces. As the level of the war was intensified, further increases were made in troop strength and ships and aircraft of the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force also saw service. At ts height the 1st Australian Task Force numbered 8,300 men, and operated mostly in the southern coastal Province of Phuoc Tuy, nearly 50,000 Austraians, about one third of whom were national servicemen, were sent on active service overseas in what became Australia's longest war. The main Australian Force was withdrawn at the end of 1971, and the remaining small groups of Army instructors were brought  home progressively. Four hundred and ninety six Australians were killed, and 2,398 were wounded.

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Anzac Park
Cnr West Avenue and Bourke Street
Glen Innes NSW 2370
Local Government Area
Glen Innes Severn Council
Memorial type
Recorded by
Graham Wilson, OAM, heritage advisor to Glen Innes Severn Council
Vietnam War, 1962–75
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