Gunbar Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour WW2

Gunbar Presbyterian Church Roll of Honour WW2

This roll of honour commemorates members of the Gunbar Presbyterian Church community who served in World War 2. The roll does not include the names of those serving members of the broader Gunbar district community whose names appear on a separate roll of honour.

The roll is mounted on a polished timber honour board with the names in gold leaf. The honour board was commissioned by Mr R Nixon of Gunbar Farm, and presented to the Gunbar Presbyterian Church community in 1948. The board is located in the Gunbar Pioneer Memorial Church (previously the Gunbar Presbyterian Church).

At this location:


1939  1945



For God and Country


[list of names]

Presented by Mr. A. NIXON Gunbar Farm 1948

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflict/s Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
W I Campbell World War 2 view
C W Clarke World War 2 view
J S Gambling World War 2 view
N Hall World War 2 view
M R Hanna World War 2 view
N Hanna World War 2 view
Rev G G D Krust World War 2 view
H J Makepeace World War 2 view
R R Makepeace World War 2 view
H N McDonald World War 2 view
King Street
Gunbar NSW 2652
Location/surrounding area
Gunbar Pioneer Memorial Church off Mid Western Highway Gunbar
Recorded by
John Randall
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World War 2

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