Hallsville WW2 Honour Roll


A decorated, pressed copper honour roll with veterans' names embossed on small, individual copper plates attached to the main board. At the top is a composite badge for all the Australian Armed Forces and at the sides are floral decorations including the waratah, flannel flowers, Christmas bells and Sturt's desert peas.


1939 1945 HONOUR ROLL Residents of Hallsville District who served the Empire in the World War

Veterans listed on this memorial

Rank Given Name Family Name Conflicts Fate Service No. Service Campaign Link
Sgt A Fulwood World War 2 view
Dvr A Kent World War 2 view
LAC A Maunder World War 2 view
Dvr A J Quick World War 2 view
Sgt A W Abrams World War 2 view
LAC A W Barr World War 2 view
Dvr C Marwick World War 2 view
Sgt C H Pryor World War 2 view
WO D L Hartley World War 2 view
ACW D O Fulwood World War 2 view
Hallsville Uniting Church,Manilla Road
Hallsville NSW 2340
Location/surrounding area
Memorial Location
Recorded by
David RodenPhotographs taken by Richard Roden.
Established date
Dedication date

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